Anti-Black Racism in the Arts session on July 16

The Gathering: Online

Anti-Black Racism in the Arts

July 16, 2020 | 1-4pm via Zoom 

As a follow-up the panel on Navigating Precairty and ongoing inequities in arts funding for Indigenous, racialized, the deaf and disabled and other marginalized artists and arts organizations, and in this time of seeing the impacts of COVID-19 and police brutality against black bodies – queer, transgendered and straight, we are now convening a session to put forward the challenges of anti-Black racism in the arts.  The session will feature Black artists from diverse disciplines and focus on the extraordinary challenges such artists and arts organizations face, how they are dealing with them and what needs to be done to ensure anti-Black racism initiatives in the arts are focused, meaningful and aimed at bringing about societal and systemic change in the arts.

Please note: 
– We are postponing the online session A Board’s Perspective: Leading an Organization Focussed Equity, Diversity and Inclusion on July 2 until the fall.
– If you registered for the ticket “Registration for all dates” you will receive the Zoom link for the new session on July 16 (Anti-Black Racism in the Arts) and do not need to register again for this session.