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Image of the book cover: an abstract pattern on the right side and on the left side white text on black background, the text is: Living in the Skin I am In, Experiential Learnings, Approaches and Considerations Towards Anti-Black Racism in the Arts

Living in the Skin, I am In: Experiential Learnings, Approaches and Considerations towards Anti-Black Racism in the Arts, continues the conversation on anti-black racism in the arts, it’s impact on black artist’s use of digital technology and the implications one’s artistic / organizational practices. The featuring articles previously published or written along with articles from invited contributors working in all performing arts disciplines including visual arts, digital / media arts and arts administration. Offering resources, toolkits and an annotated bibliography readers will find value in the international, national and local scope of its contents.
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Living In the Skin I Am In Book Release (December 10, 2021)

CPAMO Publication Draft Review (May 20, 2021)